Glossary and Abbreviations

Glossary/Abbreviation Meaning
##/### Baud/Shift
// Parallel with Frequency
3SC Third-shift Cyrillic
5LGs 5-Letter Groups
a/c Aircraft
AA Arabic Language
AM Amplitude Modulation
ARP AIREP or Air Report
c/s Callsign
CC Chinese Language
CdV Controle de Voie
chk Check
CW Continuous Wave
Decoder Demodulator and Protocol, often named after the protocol
dep Departed
dx Duplex
EAM Emergency Action Message
EE English Language
enrt En route
FF French Language / French Forces
FN French Navy
GG German Language
hrd Heard
JJ Japanese Language
LSB Lower Sideband
MIB Marine Information Broadcast
msg Message
nx News
OST Operational Sea Training
pp Phone Patch
PP Portuguese Language
PSK-xA/B - PSK-2B is ?/2-BPSK
- PSK-4B is ?/4-QPSK
- PSK-8B is ?/8-8PSK
R/T Radiotelephone
rdo Radio
re Reference / Regarding
req Request
rpt Report
RR Russian Language
SAR Search and Rescue
SS Spanish
sx Simplex
tfc Traffic
unid Unidentified
unk Unknown
USB Upper Sideband
vsl Vessel
w/ With
wkg Working
wx Weather
YL Female Operator
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