Radio Monitoring, the easy way. The new prime decoder!


go2MONITOR, an advanced concept for HF-VHF-UHF data protocol decoding. A smart solution including SDR control, recording, classification and decoding. Manual processing of relevant, intercepted communication is too expensive, too slow, insecure and incomplete. In this situation an automatic, flexible and expandable approach must be used at reasonable size and cost.


Product go2MONITOR-WMPC Option
Delivery New license file for go2MONITOR
Requirement go2MONITOR-4/8
1 additional server to run go2MONITOR-WMPC
Recommended go2MONITOR-4/8
Can be combined with:
Use cases Full automatic monitoring
Wideband recording
Training Part of go2MONITOR training, 4 days
Price Ask

At a Glance

This feature extends go2MONITOR to produce 32 (or up to 200)  of channels within the frequency range of the wideband receiver in parallel.


  • 32 (or up to 200) direct down conversion channels (DDC's)
  • 20 MHz RX interface
  • Better use of the available hardware
  • Automatic IF storage for each signal
  • SIR, IZT RX support, others on request


A wideband input (like 20 MHz) requires the automatic, simultaneous processing of many signals. Therefor, the number of processing channels has to be increased. The number of channels depends on the license and the availble computing power.

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