go2DECODE V5.2 Release

by Rolf Haenggi

Release 5.2, 15.Dec 2016

Version Highlights

  • Contestia
  • CIS FSK 200/500
  • Added C interface to plugin external modems developed by the customer
  • New demodulator for Chirp signals
  • FMW demodulator
  • GUI for receiver setup and configuration
  • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000 / IDA 2
  • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000


  • Added example files to demonstrate APC plugin mechanism for external modems


  • General
    • Added C interface to plugin external modems developed by the customer
    • Symbol stream of production modem can be optionally saved as REC file in production memory
  • Demodulators
    • New demodulator for Chirp signals
    • Added special mode to FSK2 matched demodulator for asynchronous Baudot signals
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Decoders
    • POCSAG: automatically switch to alphanumeric or numeric output format; this is important for senders that do not follow strictly the standard protocol. Added timestamp to output
    • DMR: significantly improved quality of voice output
    • Flex: added timestamp to output
  • New Decoders:
    • Contestia
    • CIS FSK 200/500
  • New detector:
    • PACTOR4 improved


  • LibLoad command for external libraries improved
    • Search first in user folder and then in installation folder
    • Relative paths and subfolders within code folder are supported
  • New command BitCorrelation


  • FM demodulator output
  • New command line parameter noiffromwav


  • Graphical user interface to configure receivers (callable from Windows Start Menu and from within SDA
  • Support for receivers
    • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
    • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000


  • All displays
    • Enable zoom in/out with Ctrl+mouse wheel
    • Added enry in context menu to save current display to clipboard
  • Analysis display
    • Added histogram view for magnitude, frequency and phase
    • Added horizontal scrollbar
  • Sonagram display
    • Allow moving search-range when already running modem recognition
  • Eye pattern displayed
    • Allow entering time difference for inverse cursor
  • Constellation display
    • Show timestamp (of last sample)
    • Added overlay mode: brightness depends on number of points
  • Symbol table editor: avoid input of invalid characters
  • Options menu
    • added button to start receiver configuration GUI
    • removed some obsolete parameters and regrouped some parameters
  • inidicate in Help->About if PMR and/or MIL version is installed

Bug Fixes


  • XML files in production memory for production results were corrupted in case of a modem withburst mode enabled
  • Only terminate the APC process that was started and not all APC processes that are running
  • Removed apcng component


  • General
    • XML result: the fields <receiver_mode> and <modulation> within <production_start> had incorrect values
    • XML result: report correct center frequency within <production_start> for manual production mode
  • Automat
    • Avoid endless search loop for multimodems (Pactor multimodem)
  • Decoder
    • SI-FEC: avoid recognition in case of arbitrary idle sequences
    • PACTOR: avoid runtime error when decoder output time is limited
    • CIS-14: less false positive detection
    • PACTOR FEC: fixed usage of Huffman alphabet to get better output
    • CODAN 3212 1 channel PSK: avoid runtime error
  • DDL
    • Check for output buffer overflow reactivated

Decoder Editor

  • Context help did not open when command highlighted by double click


  • Loading previously saved .conf file did not restore all windows
  • Receiver control toolbar: gain value was only visible if drop-down box was opened
  • Hell display: avoid wipe out of display if parameters was changed in pause mode
  • Result display: last lines were sometimes not shown
  • Analysis display: fixed simultaneous zoom of phase and time
  • Bit display: do not clear view when changing mode between burst and circulation length


  • If generator name of loaded file was identical to existing one then new parameters were not set
  • Removed symbol table V.29 for PSK8 generator

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