go2MONITOR 17.2

by Rolf Haenggi

Release 17.2 December 2018

Version Highlights

  • Tetrapol (decoding of the up and down link, no audio codec)
  • CIS FSK 200/1000
  • Motorola Smartnet
  • XPA
  • XPA2
  • Merod 267 Bd
  • Support for PLATH SIR 2115
  • Support for CommsAudit CA781
  • VITA 49

Features and Improvements

  • New BCU role, BDU (Broadband Detection Unit = BCU-Light), providing fast energy detection without classification
  • Wideband-recording option (WBR). The WIRAS component was replaced with SignalServer wideband-recording
  • new function for monitoring all system components and restarting the component in case of problems
  • Added support for wideband recordings in automatic monitoring and tasking mode (AMT) and multiple wideband signal inputs


  • Added support for grouping frequencies in user-defined groups
  • Various properties added to the frequencies list, including the possibility for the user to add its own properties
  • Separated frequency management from the management of frequency ranges
  • In-place editing of properties for frequencies and frequency ranges
  • Added resource usage statistics reports and display for all components(CPU and memory)
  • ResultViewer detail view improved. Screen only gets updated if data changed
  • Improved Object/Class-Browser in Python scripting editor
  • Improved spectrogram display in case of an unstable signal connection. Now the signal gaps are shown instead of an reset and new start of the spectrogram


  • Maximum supported input sampling rate increased to 10 MHz
  • GMSK demodulator improved for BT values less than 0.5
  • New decoder for:
    • CIS FSK 200/1000
    • Motorola Smartnet
    • XPA
    • XPA2
    • Merod 267 Bd
    • Tetrapol (complete decoding of the up and downlink data layers)
  • New detector for:
    • MIL 188-110C App.D (Wideband HF) 3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24 kHz
    • Japanese Slot Machine
    • DPRK PSK 150/300/600/1200 Bd (North Korean diplo link)
  • Extended decoders:
    • STANAG 5066, realized in STANAG 4285, STANAG 4529, STANAG 4539. Postprocessing to retrieve email contents (HMTP and CFTP) and store the content in files
    • CPDLC and ADS-C protocol for HFDL, ACARS, VDL2, INMARSAT-AERO
    • INMARSAT-AERO P,R,T,C, complete decoding of data layers


  • Preliminary support for PLATH SIR 2115
  • Added generic support for VITA49 receivers (must be configured for each receiver type separately)
  • Added support for CommsAudit CA781 receiver (VITA49)

Classifier (BCU)

  • DSB-SC classifier added
  • Improved segmentation and reduced false positives in VUHF frequency range
  • Improved behavior in performance critical situations. If energy detection is not fast enough, the signal is skipped but processing continues.
  • Snapshot duration limited to the length of the input buffer (~8s in standard configuration)

Remote Control interface

  • Remote control: New functions for sending/receiving stream packets
  • Remote control: New functions for system object to automatically start application instances, monitor them and restart if needed
  • Remote control: New object typ OBJ_TYPE_WB_RECORDER for using SignalServer for WB recording only, without DDC channels
  • Multiple APC-NG products or multiple objects of type OBJ_TYPE_APCP in one system can now be started on one computer (port parametrization required)
  • Port usage of APC-NG (APC channels) changed
  • BCU (BDU) status message includes now optional FLD_ERROR_CODE/ FLD_ERROR_TEXT fields to deliver “last known error” information, similar as SignalServer
  • New field FLD_CAN_CLASSIFY in BCU status message to distinguish between BDU and BCU role
  • New “Signal-generator” signal input added for testing purposes
  • ICD improvements including small error corrections, rewording/restructuring and some additional explanations


  • Fixed various problems with UTF-8 strings (paths etc.)
  • Fixed problem with automatic deletion of User-Entries in result database
  • Fixed modem matching for CHN 4+4 modem
  • Fixed problems with wrong items in the FFT length selection in ResultViewer, Signal Tab
  • Fixed problems with missing MSG_OBJ_DELETED messages in case of system cleanup (MSG_SYS_CLEANUP)
  • Fixed problem with wrong BCU snapshot mode setting (race condition)

Bug Fixes

  • Decoder
    • ALE-2G: long addresses were shortened when repeated
    • STANAG 4538: fix for TM-PDU
    • HFDL: some long uplink bursts were not decoded
    • Morse: avoid crash when call sign contains German Umlauts

Included software components

  • SSC: v17.2.0
  • APC Controller: v17.2.0
  • APC: v17.2.0
  • SignalServer: v17.2.0
  • BCU: v17.2.0
  • RCM: v17.2.0
  • GUI: v17.2.0
  • ResultViewer: v17.2.0
  • Database: v11

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