go2MONITOR V4.2 Release

by Rolf Haenggi

Release 4.2, 21. Dec. 2016

Version Highlights

  • Contestia
  • CIS FSK 200/500
  • Classifier with OTH-radar detection
  • New channel function to store symbols in a *.REC file during decoding (Input file for go2ANALYSE)
  • Maximal channel bandwidth increased from 50 kHz to 300 kHz (nice for FMW)
  • Support for sender and system positions
  • Position display in map (geolocation)
  • Automatic monitoring entering a region
  • GUI for receiver setup and configuration
  • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
  • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000

Features and Improvements

  • Automatic audio demodulator settings option added in real-time channel and in offline au-dio player
  • New channel function to store symbols in a *.REC file during decoding
  • Maximal channel bandwidth increased from 50 kHz to 300 kHz (FMW)
  • "Activation by region" AutoMon function turned on by default in all configurations
  • ResultViewer: String wildcards (‘*’) must be used explicitly. If wildcards are not used, equality operator will be used.
  • Saving GUI properties/perspective improved
  • IF-Server deletes data automatically if free space is less than 2% of the total free space (5% in old versions)
  • "Delete lookups" option in ResultViewer to delete modem/modulation values used in corresponding combo-boxes in advanced filter and detail window
  • Wideband recording will be deleted synchronized with deletions from the IFServer ("Delete all data" function and automatic deletion of old data )
  • ResultViewer Detail-Window is updated with some delay to allow faster stepping through table items
  • Improved modulation type information for production results display in ResultViewer ( for example, "Voice USB" instead of "Voice A3E/J3E")
  • All product versions now use fast FCDDC algorithm for NB-signal extraction (previously used only with SignalServer’s 32ch option)
  • Search for one-channel emissions in ResultView now possible
  • Support for sender and system positions:
    • System position can be defined and attached to all results
    • Sender (transmitter) position can be defined/retrieved and displayed for all results (detail and overview displays in ResultViewer)
    • Filtering based on sender or system position added in ResultViewer
  • Receiver configuration (adding, removing, configuring, testing) can be done comfortably by using a graphical user interface
  • Dynamic masking of results in ResultViewer based on Frequency, Emission-ID or Nominal frequency
  • Editing fields in ResultViewer is now possible for almost all result fields
  • Nominal frequency rounding to customizable values
  • Editing frequency entries in AutoMon TaskWizard added
  • Frequency names from AutoMon task definition will be inserted in AutoMon results for matching frequencies (new field "Frequency name" in all results added)
  • Automatic splitting of long recordings in manual mode (256MB file size, configurable)
  • Task/Mission fields in advanced filter use lookup dropdown
  • Selection between frequency search and "exact frequency" mode during decoding in manual-mode channel added
  • Tooltip in Task-Activity window is now shown only on first table column
  • Performance optimization for GUI displays in case many receivers or system components are used in a complex system
  • Support for IZT R3xxx SYNC option (RCM, custom configuration needed)
  • "Open as signal input" ResultViewer function switches automatically to File signal input


  • General
    • Modem search mode switched from "search first" to "search best"
    • Use automatic gain control (AGC) for NF recordings of FM Voice
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Demodulators
    • New demodulator for Chirp signals
    • Added special mode to FSK2 matched demodulator for asynchronous Baudot signals
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Decoders
    • POCSAG: automatically switch to alphanumeric or numeric output format; this is important for senders that do not follow strictly the standard protocol. Added timestamp to output
    • DMR: significantly improved quality of voice output
    • Flex: added timestamp to output
  • New Decoders:
    • Contestia
    • CIS FSK 200/500
  • New detector for
    • PACTOR4 improved


  • New receivers:
    • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
    • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000
    • AirSpy (experimental)
  • Changed handling of sub-bands 1 and 40 for SIR 511x: Bandwidth increased to cover the complete used bandwidth

Classifier (BCU)

  • ASK 2/4 classifier added (UHF only)
  • Improved Pactor4 modem detection with additional modes
  • Improved detection of OTH Radar signals


  • Some missing fields added to the ICD
  • Changed parameterization for symbol storage in production tasks (removed obsolete streaming function)Added –conf parameter for all applications to use custom configuration files
  • Preliminary HDU interface description updated
  • Improved RemoteControl library examples
  • Complete redesign of the ICD document
  • XML-based message descriptions added ("interface" subdirectory)


  • Problems after hibernation/stand-by mode fixed
  • Prevented result detail docking windows closing with Alt+F4
  • Continuous recording was sometimes overwriting its recordings instead of creating new ones
  • BCU crash in case of invalid SignalInput fixed
  • Dragging Audio cursor in ResultViewer, Content Tab, fixed
  • Spectrogram refresh rate in narrowband channel was not sufficient for smooth scrolling
  • Fixed problems if signal selection in channel is outside of the channel bandwidth (for clas-sification and production)
  • SI-FEC: avoid recognition in case of arbitrary idle sequences
  • PACTOR: avoid runtime error when decoder output time is limited
  • CIS-14: less false positive detection
  • PACTOR FEC: fixed usage of Huffman alphabet to get better output
  • CODAN 3212 1 channel PSK: avoid runtime error
  • Some problems with stopping slow queries in ResultViewer fixed
  • BCU: Fixed some problems with modem exclusion (CIS-12)
  • Fixed reducing of BCU recognition rate after frequency change
  • Fixed problems in decoding mode in manual-mode processing channel
  • Fixed problem with detection of some modems with nominal frequency offset in decoding mode in manual-mode processing channels
  • Fixed some problems with continuous recording function
  • SSC: Fix blocking after cleanup message
  • BCU: Fix a bug where emissions outside of a job scenario never get finished
  • BCU: Use tone duration instead of baud rate for multi-tone
  • BCU: Fix mix-up between MC-PSK/OFDM and FSK
  • BCU: Fix FSK2 detection when emission bandwidth << channel bandwidth
  • BCU: Fix problem with reduced classification rate after frequency change

Included Component

  • SSC: v4.2.0APC Controller: v6.2.0
  • APC: v6.2.0
  • SignalServer: v4.2.0
  • BCU: v4.2.0
  • RCM: v2.3.0
  • WiRAS: v4.2.0
  • GUI: v4.2.0
  • ResultViewer: v4.2.0
  • Database: v9

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