go2MONITOR vs other Products

Be careful if comparing the information published on the internet.
You will find documents full off buzzwords, just to hide what is missing.

Product go2MONITOR Product #1 Product #2
Input SDR's (configurable) Yes No  
Input streams (configurable) Yes Yes  
Input sound card Yes Yes  
Input Files Yes Yes  
Input: File processing faster than real time Yes No  
Input: Panorma display (if delivered from receiver) Yes No  
Coherent input BW HF, VUHF 1 MHz AF
192 KHz
Coherent input BW HF (Wideband Option) n * 2.4 MHz AF
192 KHz
Coherent input BW VUHF (Wideband Option) n * 20 MHz AF
192 KHz
Multiple Signal-Inputs On request No  
Supported receivers (SDR) > 30 No  
# of realtime decoding channels 1, 2, 4, 8 1  
max. # of channels in AutoMode <200 -  
Classification HF, VUHF 1 MHz 8 kHz  
Classification HF (Wideband Option) n * 2.4 MHz 96 kHz  
Classification VUHF (Wideband Option) n * 20 MHz 96 kHz  
Automatic Monitoring and Tasking Yes No  
Scalability regarding channels and bandwidth Yes No  
AM, SSB, FM, FMW, classification, demodulation, recording Yes No  
Digital Voice, # of channels Multiple Single  
Sample rate, fault-tolerant decoders
(requires no calibration)
Yes No  
Narrowband receivers Option 1, 2, 4, 8 No  
Buffering, for loosles decoding up to 15 sec No  
Expandability go2DECODE
Third Party Apps
Modular design Yes No  
Each decoder is self-contained in one file Yes No  
Separation between GUI and decoders Yes No  
Posibbility to programm and add own decoders Yes No  
ResultViewer with extensive set of functions for filtering and navigation in the data Yes No  
GUI can allocate multiple windows/monitors Yes No  
Scripting Python No  
Easy to operate Yes Complex  
Typical basic training time hours days  
Station Database Yes No  
ISO9001 certified company Yes No  
Company size (Group) >350 <10  
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