Release History
Radio Monitoring, the easy way. The new prime decoder!


go2MONITOR, an advanced concept for HF-VHF-UHF data protocol decoding. A smart solution with SDR control, multi channel signal detection, classification, recognition, recording, demodulation and decoding. Manual processing of relevant intercepted communication is too expensive, slow, insecure and incomplete. In this situation an automatic, flexible and extensible approach must be used, with reasonable scope and costs.

go2MONITOR Release History

Release 17.2 December 2018

Version Highlights

  • Tetrapol (decoding of the up and down link, no audio codec)
  • CIS FSK 200/1000
  • Motorola Smartnet
  • XPA
  • XPA2
  • Merod 267 Bd
  • Support for PLATH SIR 2115
  • Support for CommsAudit CA781
  • VITA 49

Features and Improvements

  • New BCU role, BDU (Broadband Detection Unit = BCU-Light), providing fast energy detection without classification
  • Wideband-recording option (WBR). The WIRAS component was replaced with SignalServer wideband-recording
  • new function for monitoring all system components and restarting the component in case of problems
  • Added support for wideband recordings in automatic monitoring and tasking mode (AMT) and multiple wideband signal inputs


  • Added support for grouping frequencies in user-defined groups
  • Various properties added to the frequencies list, including the possibility for the user to add its own properties
  • Separated frequency management from the management of frequency ranges
  • In-place editing of properties for frequencies and frequency ranges
  • Added resource usage statistics reports and display for all components(CPU and memory)
  • ResultViewer detail view improved. Screen only gets updated if data changed
  • Improved Object/Class-Browser in Python scripting editor
  • Improved spectrogram display in case of an unstable signal connection. Now the signal gaps are shown instead of an reset and new start of the spectrogram


  • Maximum supported input sampling rate increased to 10 MHz
  • GMSK demodulator improved for BT values less than 0.5
  • New decoder for:
    • CIS FSK 200/1000
    • Motorola Smartnet
    • XPA
    • XPA2
    • Merod 267 Bd
    • Tetrapol (complete decoding of the up and downlink data layers)
  • New detector for:
    • MIL 188-110C App.D (Wideband HF) 3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24 kHz
    • Japanese Slot Machine
    • DPRK PSK 150/300/600/1200 Bd (North Korean diplo link)
  • Extended decoders:
    • STANAG 5066, realized in STANAG 4285, STANAG 4529, STANAG 4539. Postprocessing to retrieve email contents (HMTP and CFTP) and store the content in files
    • CPDLC and ADS-C protocol for HFDL, ACARS, VDL2, INMARSAT-AERO
    • INMARSAT-AERO P,R,T,C, complete decoding of data layers


  • Preliminary support for PLATH SIR 2115
  • Added generic support for VITA49 receivers (must be configured for each receiver type separately)
  • Added support for CommsAudit CA781 receiver (VITA49)

Classifier (BCU)

  • DSB-SC classifier added
  • Improved segmentation and reduced false positives in VUHF frequency range
  • Improved behavior in performance critical situations. If energy detection is not fast enough, the signal is skipped but processing continues.
  • Snapshot duration limited to the length of the input buffer (~8s in standard configuration)

Remote Control interface

  • Remote control: New functions for sending/receiving stream packets
  • Remote control: New functions for system object to automatically start application instances, monitor them and restart if needed
  • Remote control: New object typ OBJ_TYPE_WB_RECORDER for using SignalServer for WB recording only, without DDC channels
  • Multiple APC-NG products or multiple objects of type OBJ_TYPE_APCP in one system can now be started on one computer (port parametrization required)
  • Port usage of APC-NG (APC channels) changed
  • BCU (BDU) status message includes now optional FLD_ERROR_CODE/ FLD_ERROR_TEXT fields to deliver “last known error” information, similar as SignalServer
  • New field FLD_CAN_CLASSIFY in BCU status message to distinguish between BDU and BCU role
  • New “Signal-generator” signal input added for testing purposes
  • ICD improvements including small error corrections, rewording/restructuring and some additional explanations


  • Fixed various problems with UTF-8 strings (paths etc.)
  • Fixed problem with automatic deletion of User-Entries in result database
  • Fixed modem matching for CHN 4+4 modem
  • Fixed problems with wrong items in the FFT length selection in ResultViewer, Signal Tab
  • Fixed problems with missing MSG_OBJ_DELETED messages in case of system cleanup (MSG_SYS_CLEANUP)
  • Fixed problem with wrong BCU snapshot mode setting (race condition)

Bug Fixes

  • Decoder
    • ALE-2G: long addresses were shortened when repeated
    • STANAG 4538: fix for TM-PDU
    • HFDL: some long uplink bursts were not decoded
    • Morse: avoid crash when call sign contains German Umlauts

Included software components

  • SSC: v17.2.0
  • APC Controller: v17.2.0
  • APC: v17.2.0
  • SignalServer: v17.2.0
  • BCU: v17.2.0
  • RCM: v17.2.0
  • GUI: v17.2.0
  • ResultViewer: v17.2.0
  • Database: v11
Release 17.1 July 2017

Version Highlights

  • PACTOR-4
  • Inmarsat Aero
  • New receiver control concept with separate docking views for each receiver panorama spectrum display based on spectra delivered from receivers (implemented for WiNRADiO G33/G39, EM100, IZT R3000 receivers
  • Using multiple wideband input channels from supported receivers (implemented for WiNRADiO G39 and IZT R3000)
  • Added new function for extracting NB-signals from all recordings directly in ResultViewer
  • Old "Recording Viewer" GUI replaced completely through ResultViewer functions
  • Creating and editing user entries in ResultViewer
  • Added selection and multi-selection of results in a signal-Tab of the ResultViewer and various context sensitive functions for selected result
  • Improved editing of values in ResultViewer, Detail-View. Time fields editing added, numerical values editing comfort improved
  • Improved long recordings display in ResultViewer
  • Faster WB-recordings display in ResultViewer if pre computed spectra available
  • Added result type selection for "Show other results" option in ResultViewer, Signal-Tab
  • Pre computed spectra are stored with WB-recordings from SignalServer for faster display
  • File playback options added: History, Playback-Speed and manual editing of center frequency$
  • Additional channel bandwidth added to narrowband channel bandwidth list, equal to the maximal bandwidth which can be extracted from the wideband input (only if less then max allowed channel bandwidth)
  • Default raster for the channel raster option reduced from 1kHz to 100Hz
  • Messaging performance-improvement for large systems with many BCU instances
  • SignalServer wideband recording bandwidth is now limited by the license (default 1MHz, can be increased depending on hardware)
  • SignalServer recordings are now split in max 2GB big WAV-files
  • Added warnings if more than 200 modems are used in one production
  • Double-click on a result in ResultViewer table opens its detail
  • "Del" shortcut not used anymore for deleting items from ResultViewer table
  • Changed frequency axis display for real-values signal (0Hz is the leftmost frequency now)
  • Added support for CodeMeter copy protection

New Release Numbers

All go2SIGNALS products use now the same version number scheme that takes the last 2 digits of the year the release started followed by the release number within that year.

Features and Improvements

  • Panorama display with zoom, and fast scan (if supported by the receiver)
  • ResultViewer: New function to add user entries to the database
  • ResultViewer: Extract signals from wideband recording for further processing
  • Classifier: Performance increased
  • Improved handling of receivers with multiple wideband/narrowband streams or groups of receivers. Flexible setup with multiple wideband inputs, DDC channels or narrowband receiver streams.


  • Measurement of SNR, noise and signal power during production (optional)
  • New demodulator for Pactor-4: all speed levels
  • Pactor-4
    • complete decoding of all speed levels
    • post-processing (decompression) of airmail/sailmail emissions (if possible)
  • INMARSAT AERO-P (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-C (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-T (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT AERO-R (physical layer only)
  • INMARSAT-C TDMA (detection only)
  • Turkish Navy FSK (similar to STANAG 4481 FSK)
  • DMR
    • decoding of short messages
    • improved output of Manufacturer FID
  • DMR Continuous
  • voice output
  • improved output of Manufacturer FID
  • faster detection
  • POCSAG: added modem with shift of 6 kHz (default is 8-9 kHz)
  • STANAG 4481 FSK: added detection of KG-84 encryption
  • Pactor-I: decoding of Robust Connect bursts
  • dPMR: decoding of short messages
  • APCO-25: faster detection


  • Support for SIR 2110 receiver
  • Support for thinkRF receiver
  • Panorama-Spectrum and Scan-Spectrum implemented for R&S EM100
  • Panorama-Spectrum and Scan-Spectrum support for IZT R3000
  • Multichannel support for WiNRADiO G39
  • Multichannel support for IZT R3000

Classifier (BCU)

  • Classifier: New with QAM, WFM, MCFSK2 (Multichannel FSK2)
  • Classifier: Direct protocol classification for
    • APCO-25
    • CODAN 3012 16 Channel PSK
    • CODAN 3212 16 Channel PSK
    • DMR
    • DMR Continuous
    • dPMR
    • D-STAR
    • HFDL
    • LINK11 (CLEW)
    • LINK11 (SLEW)
    • MIL-STD-188-110A Serial (single-tone) mode (a.k.a. STANAG 4539 )
    • MIL-STD-188-110B/C App. C (a.k.a. STANAG 4539 HDR )
    • MPT1327 1200Bd MSK
    • NXDN 2400/4800 Bd
    • PACTOR-4
    • STANAG 4285/4481 (PSK)
    • STANAG 4529
    • TERTRA Up-, downlink
    • Improved Scan-Mode support for IZT receiver (continuous emission tracking in Scan mode)

Remote Control interface:

  • Removed quality threshold parameter from Production task (Default 70% will always be used)
  • Added new functions for extracting NB-signals from recordings (Offline-DDC)
  • Added Production-Task parameter to turn on SNR calculation
  • Changed BCU status in case of empty signal input (was TRANSLATION-> is now OK)
  • Added some debugging tools in the package (as_commander)


Release 4.2, 21. Dec. 2016

Version Highlights

  • Contestia
  • CIS FSK 200/500
  • Classifier with OTH-radar detection
  • New channel function to store symbols in a *.REC file during decoding (Input file for go2ANALYSE)
  • Maximal channel bandwidth increased from 50 kHz to 300 kHz (nice for FMW)
  • Support for sender and system positions
  • Position display in map (geolocation)
  • Automatic monitoring entering a region
  • GUI for receiver setup and configuration
  • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
  • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000

Features and Improvements

  • Automatic audio demodulator settings option added in real-time channel and in offline au-dio player
  • New channel function to store symbols in a *.REC file during decoding
  • Maximal channel bandwidth increased from 50 kHz to 300 kHz (FMW)
  • "Activation by region" AutoMon function turned on by default in all configurations
  • ResultViewer: String wildcards (‘*’) must be used explicitly. If wildcards are not used, equality operator will be used.
  • Saving GUI properties/perspective improved
  • IF-Server deletes data automatically if free space is less than 2% of the total free space (5% in old versions)
  • "Delete lookups" option in ResultViewer to delete modem/modulation values used in corresponding combo-boxes in advanced filter and detail window
  • Wideband recording will be deleted synchronized with deletions from the IFServer ("Delete all data" function and automatic deletion of old data )
  • ResultViewer Detail-Window is updated with some delay to allow faster stepping through table items
  • Improved modulation type information for production results display in ResultViewer ( for example, "Voice USB" instead of "Voice A3E/J3E")
  • All product versions now use fast FCDDC algorithm for NB-signal extraction (previously used only with SignalServer’s 32ch option)
  • Search for one-channel emissions in ResultView now possible
  • Support for sender and system positions:
    • System position can be defined and attached to all results
    • Sender (transmitter) position can be defined/retrieved and displayed for all results (detail and overview displays in ResultViewer)
    • Filtering based on sender or system position added in ResultViewer
  • Receiver configuration (adding, removing, configuring, testing) can be done comfortably by using a graphical user interface
  • Dynamic masking of results in ResultViewer based on Frequency, Emission-ID or Nominal frequency
  • Editing fields in ResultViewer is now possible for almost all result fields
  • Nominal frequency rounding to customizable values
  • Editing frequency entries in AutoMon TaskWizard added
  • Frequency names from AutoMon task definition will be inserted in AutoMon results for matching frequencies (new field "Frequency name" in all results added)
  • Automatic splitting of long recordings in manual mode (256MB file size, configurable)
  • Task/Mission fields in advanced filter use lookup dropdown
  • Selection between frequency search and "exact frequency" mode during decoding in manual-mode channel added
  • Tooltip in Task-Activity window is now shown only on first table column
  • Performance optimization for GUI displays in case many receivers or system components are used in a complex system
  • Support for IZT R3xxx SYNC option (RCM, custom configuration needed)
  • "Open as signal input" ResultViewer function switches automatically to File signal input


  • General
    • Modem search mode switched from "search first" to "search best"
    • Use automatic gain control (AGC) for NF recordings of FM Voice
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Demodulators
    • New demodulator for Chirp signals
    • Added special mode to FSK2 matched demodulator for asynchronous Baudot signals
    • Significantly increased demodulation quality and frequency stability of (G)MSK demodulator
  • Decoders
    • POCSAG: automatically switch to alphanumeric or numeric output format; this is important for senders that do not follow strictly the standard protocol. Added timestamp to output
    • DMR: significantly improved quality of voice output
    • Flex: added timestamp to output
  • New Decoders:
    • Contestia
    • CIS FSK 200/500
  • New detector for
    • PACTOR4 improved


  • New receivers:
    • Receiver NARDA NRA-6000, NRA-3000, NRA-2500, IDA 2
    • Receiver IZT SignalSuite R4000
    • AirSpy (experimental)
  • Changed handling of sub-bands 1 and 40 for SIR 511x: Bandwidth increased to cover the complete used bandwidth

Classifier (BCU)

  • ASK 2/4 classifier added (UHF only)
  • Improved Pactor4 modem detection with additional modes
  • Improved detection of OTH Radar signals


  • Some missing fields added to the ICD
  • Changed parameterization for symbol storage in production tasks (removed obsolete streaming function)Added –conf parameter for all applications to use custom configuration files
  • Preliminary HDU interface description updated
  • Improved RemoteControl library examples
  • Complete redesign of the ICD document
  • XML-based message descriptions added ("interface" subdirectory)


  • Problems after hibernation/stand-by mode fixed
  • Prevented result detail docking windows closing with Alt+F4
  • Continuous recording was sometimes overwriting its recordings instead of creating new ones
  • BCU crash in case of invalid SignalInput fixed
  • Dragging Audio cursor in ResultViewer, Content Tab, fixed
  • Spectrogram refresh rate in narrowband channel was not sufficient for smooth scrolling
  • Fixed problems if signal selection in channel is outside of the channel bandwidth (for clas-sification and production)
  • SI-FEC: avoid recognition in case of arbitrary idle sequences
  • PACTOR: avoid runtime error when decoder output time is limited
  • CIS-14: less false positive detection
  • PACTOR FEC: fixed usage of Huffman alphabet to get better output
  • CODAN 3212 1 channel PSK: avoid runtime error
  • Some problems with stopping slow queries in ResultViewer fixed
  • BCU: Fixed some problems with modem exclusion (CIS-12)
  • Fixed reducing of BCU recognition rate after frequency change
  • Fixed problems in decoding mode in manual-mode processing channel
  • Fixed problem with detection of some modems with nominal frequency offset in decoding mode in manual-mode processing channels
  • Fixed some problems with continuous recording function
  • SSC: Fix blocking after cleanup message
  • BCU: Fix a bug where emissions outside of a job scenario never get finished
  • BCU: Use tone duration instead of baud rate for multi-tone
  • BCU: Fix mix-up between MC-PSK/OFDM and FSK
  • BCU: Fix FSK2 detection when emission bandwidth << channel bandwidth
  • BCU: Fix problem with reduced classification rate after frequency change

Included Component

  • SSC: v4.2.0APC Controller: v6.2.0
  • APC: v6.2.0
  • SignalServer: v4.2.0
  • BCU: v4.2.0
  • RCM: v2.3.0
  • WiRAS: v4.2.0
  • GUI: v4.2.0
  • ResultViewer: v4.2.0
  • Database: v9
Release 4.1, 30. Jun. 2016

Version Highlights:

  • OFDM classifier added
  • Throb and ThrobX
  • MT63
  • Autocab
  • Voice A3E Air Traffic
  • Clansman
  • Detector for Thales System 3000 Skymaster Selcall
  • Detector for Panther-H start sequence bursts

Features and Improvements:

  • New function for storing and reusing ResultViewer filters
  • Using relative time ranges in Time/Frequency filter in ResultViewer
  • Various advanced options added to AutoMon (Blocking frequencies globally or for task only, Lead time selection…)
  • Script-Based system actions (option)
  • Script-Based context sensitive actions in ResultViewer
  • Offline Audio demodulator and player in ResultViewer
  • Global blocked frequency list in AutoMon
  • Task/Mission Export/Import function for AutoMon
  • Multiple selection in ResultViewer
  • User-defined shortcuts in ResultViewer
  • Decoder-Text is stored in the database to enable fast search
  • Using multiple columns for sorting in ResultViewer table
  • Export and Delete functions in ResultViewer improved (progress bar, can be interrupted by the user)
  • Improved update behavior in ResultViewer if result has changed (no complete update, visual indication only)
  • Improved performance of Tasks/Missions deletion (results will not be deleted automatically anymore)
  • Improved matching between results and recordings in ResultViewer
  • New ResultViewer option: „Show all results for each matching emissions“
  • AutoMon Mission APC production mode can be selected (Offline/Realtime)
  • ResultViewer can now be used as a standalone application (license-dependent)
  • Added antenna information in the database and AutoMon (optional, custom configuration needed)
  • Nominal frequency information delivered from BCU and APC are stored in database
  • Added separate display for channels 2-4 of the decoder output
  • Result data is not automatically retrieved in ResultViewer upon start. The user has to apply filter explicitly Keyboard shortcuts available only on wideband spectrogram, not on channel spectrograms
  • German version of the GUI available
  • Receiver configuration changed: no commenting of XML parts anymore, active flag for receivers added
  • Added Plath SIR receiver configuration


  • General
    • XML result output is completely encoded as UTF-8; charset command from decoder to switch encoding is handled internally
    • added information about burst start and end time from demodulator (only if burstmode is enabled) or decoder (if DDL command is sent) to production results
  • Modems
    • added DSC-HF with shift of 500 Hz
    • added Olivia 8/250 and Olivia 16/500
    • corrected value for offset nominal frequency of several modems
  • Decoders
    • Pactor II: soft decision implemented to improve output quality
    • HFDL: support for PSK4
  • New decoder for
    • Throb and ThrobX
    • MT63
    • Autocab
    • Voice A3E Air Traffic
    • Clansman
  • New detector for
    • Thales System 3000 Skymaster Selcall
    • Panther-H start sequence bursts

Classifier (BCU)

  • OFDM classifier added
  • PSK16 classifier added
  • MSK/GMSK classifier added
  • Tetrapol modem recognition
  • Improved segmentation in VUHF frequency range


  • Generic objects (external applications) can be added to the system and monitored
  • Added Antenna information in SignalInput activation message
  • Added nominal frequency fields in modulation types chapter
  • Added scheduling-related commands
  • Added support for digital audio streaming from APC
  • Minor document corrections regarding field types and optional flag


  • Data loss and performance problems with using WinRadio receivers fixed
  • Errors with using Zoom-out in ResultViewer fixed
  • Fixed problem with storing some special characters in the MySql Databass
  • Resource problems after restarting single APC channels fixed
  • GUI behavior in Viewer mode with multiple active signal inputs fixed
  • Fixed problem with running in parallel with PROCEED
  • Problems with streaming signal in loop from DANA fixed
  • Fixed crash when deleting all data from the database
  • Fixed problems with using network paths beginning with “\\” in system installations
  • Fixed some problems with wideband recording reliability
  • BCU memory leak in some system configurations fixed
  • Fixed problem with BCU emissions with large bandwidth fluctuations
  • Fixed problem with falsely reporting variable burst type for some BCU signals
  • APC: PSK63-FEC: less false positive detection
  • APC: PSK31-FEC: less false positive detection
  • APC: PMR: error correction improved
  • APC: STANAG 4415: avoid recognition of STANAG 4539 signals
  • APC: STANAG 4529: less false positive detection
  • APC: STANAG 4481 FSK: less false positive detection
  • APC: HFDL: output of all LPDUs
  • APC: ALE-3G: output of '@' character was missing
  • APC: Voice A3E: avoid detection if carrier is not within parametrized frequency search range

Included Component

  • SSC: v4.1.0
  • APC Controller: v4.1.0
  • APC: v6.1.0
  • SignalServer: v4.1.0
  • BCU: v4.1.0
  • RCM: v2.1.0
  • WiRAS: v4.1.0
  • GUI: v4.1.0
  • ResultViewer: v4.1.0
  • Database: v7
Release 3.2, 5.Feb. 2016

Version Highlight:

  • Support for live multichannel digital-voice output (see PMR modem list for supported modems)
  • New function for setting/querying/filtering result flags
  • New Structuring-View in ResultViewer for script-based result structuring
  • Direct SQL usage to extend ResultViewer filter
  • Support for creation of Python scripts for different contexts (GUI Automation, Results structuring,…)
  • Improved Resource View performance for complex system configurations
  • Added Emission-ID field in the result database to enable grouping of all results created from one AutoMon trigger
  • ChannelDistance field added to result database
  • Added “Maximize Spectrogram” function
  • Minimal required modem bandwidth is taken into account when determining DDC channel bandwidth in AutoMon
  • Improved Idle-Signal detection speed in AutoMon


  • New decoder for X6 Mazielka
  • New decoder for ERMES
  • New decoder for DSTAR (data and voice)
  • DMR
    • Add Trunked mode (Tier III)
      • Layer 3 PDUs (Data and Voice)
      • Base station activation and deactivation
      • Call setup, maintenance and tear-down
      • Destination addressing
      • built-in services
      • data call control
      • Announcement signaling
      • Trunk Station Control Channel (TSCC) outbound channel
    • Improved Tier I and II
      • Manufacturers Feature ID (MFID)
      • Layer 3 PDUs (Data and Voice)
      • Layer 3 information element coding
  • Pactor I
    • enabled output of binary file
    • added option to stop modem after initial addressing
  • Packet 300
    • output with ISO8859-15 Encoding
    • Hex output added (on channel 16)
    • force output if CRC is incorrect•
  • CIS 36-50
    • synchronization improved
    • Output of sync and session key
    • Added modem files with shift of 200 and 500 Hz
  • Improved APC restarting process: only single APCs will be restarted in case of a problem

Classifier (BCU)

  • TETRA modem classification added (license-dependent)
  • Performance improvement of ~30-40% in the modulation classification process
  • Improved emission splitting in some cases (VUHF)
  • Improved FSK2 symbol-rate calculation in case of asynchronous FSK
  • Improved modem matching tolerances for multi tone emissions (determining positive/negative modem list's)
  • Using bandwidth outside of declared receiver bandwidth for SIR receiver added
  • Configuration of separate max. bandwidth limits for different classifiers and different frequency ranges (integration setting for custom setups only)


  • Simplified ICD description of audio streaming format. Some audio-related field names changed (same IDs – backward compatible)


  • License check removed; can run standalone on a different computer


  • Fixed problem with broken TCP connections when using SignalServer channels
  • Some cases of modulation change in a single BCU emission fixed
  • Fixed problem with minimizing AdvancedFilter and restoring its position
  • Channel raster should not be applied if emission was dragged ‘n dropped from Classification/Station-views
  • Fixed several issues affecting configurations with NB-receivers only (without Software-DDCs)
  • POCSAG recognition: shift tolerance increased
  • Less false-positive recognitions: FEC-A, PSK31, PSK31-FEC, LINK11 CLEW, DGPS, PSK63,QPSK31• PSK250: no output in case of idle sequences
  • Link-11 SLEW: channel bandwidth was too large which could cause erroneous measurement of center frequency

Included Component

  • SSC: v3.2.0
  • APC Controller: v5.2.0
  • APC: v5.2.0
  • SignalServer: v3.2.0
  • BCU: v3.2.0
  • RCM: v2.0.0
  • WiRAS: v3.2.0
  • GUI: v3.2.0
Release 2.2, 12.Feb 2015


  • Decoders are split up into 3 packages (required because of export law):
    • Standard (always part of go2MONITOR
    • PMR Option
    • MIL Option
  • New "32-Channel Option", extends the number of software-based DDC channels to a multiple of 32
  • In combination with the "32-Channel Option", it is possible to use offline modem recognition and decoding in AutoMon mode
  • User-configurable frequency-step option for AutoCoverage in AutoMon mode
  • New WiNRADiO G31DDC/G39DDC receiver configuration, added support for multiple G31DDC/G39DDC receivers for go2MONITOR


  • STANAG 4539 HDR, soft decision/equalizer implemented which tremendous improves the decoding quality
  • Use of preamble symbols for burst detection in HFDL, STANAG 4539 HDR, STANAG 5511 SLEW
  • STANAG 4285, additional display of the decoding progress in case alphabet detection takes longer than 15 seconds
  • APCO-25, direct production of the audio output into a WAV file
  • PACTOR 4 detector for speed modes 2 to 10
  • Voice detection improved
  • CODAN 3012/3212 16 channel PSK: burst detection improved (using the preambles)
  • HFDL, short bursts recognition improved
  • STANAG-4481-FSK, STANAG-4481-PSK, STANAG-4415, STANAG-4539: additional modes added 
  • CODAN Chirp: minor improvement of demodulation quality
  • ALE-2G: now in standard HF decoder list
  • Tetra: added support for SDS text messages
  • HFDL: soft decision demodulation added
  • New decoders for
    • Tetra DMO
    • CV-786
    • CHN 4+4: production (was detector only)
    • ALE-40
    • ALE-3G (STANAG 4538): production for BW0,1,2,4,5,6; only detection for BW3


  • Direct modem recognition added to wide- and narrowband classification for the following protocols:
    • STANAG 4285/4481 (PSK) (requires MIL decoders)
    • STANAG 4529 (requires MIL decoders)
    • MIL-STD-188-110A Serial (single-tone) mode (requires MIL decoders)
    • HFDL
  • Further improved emission detection and classification

User Interface (GUI):

  • Scripting/user functions/procedures supported by Python programming language
  • AutoMon setup wizard: Possibility to use modem lists for selecting trigger or production modems in the
  • AutoMon setup wizard layout changed to allow faster selection of triggers actions
  • ResultViewer, the FFT-length can be changed in the spectrogram preview
  • ResultViewer, optimized result display for large databases
  • ResultViewer, possibility to turn off table sorting In table view, to improve the performance with large databases
  • ResultViewer, negative search in for text fields («NOT Morse»)
  • ResultViewer, the duration fields show now milliseconds
  • Selecting "Pause" in the spectrogram also stops the update of the emissions table
  • Narrowband classifier shows burst information

Included Component:

  • SSC: v2.2.0
  • APC Controller: v2.2.0
  • APC: v4.2.0
  • SignalServer: v1.2.0
  • BCU: v2.3.1
  • RCM: v1.7.0
  • WiRAS: v2.8.0
  • GUI: v2.2.0
Release 2.1.1, 10.Jun 2014


  • PLATH SIR 5110 receiver added
  • PLATH SIR 5115 receiver added


  • GUI: Added keyboard shortcuts in Emission dock to process a selected emission directly in one of NB channels
  • GUI, SignalServer, BCU: BCU’s and SignalServer’s current frequency range is displayed in the Ressource View


  • GUI: Fixed signal errors if File-Input is used with files >2.5MHz sampling rate
  • APC Controller: Fixed occasional problem of the system not starting because APC is not yet running
  • BCU: Fixed an error that could result in distorted signals when using the fast stepping mode
  • BCU: Improvement for classification of short-time signals
  • BCU: Fixed memory leaks in FSK and MFSK classifier

Included components:

  • SSC: v2.1.1
  • APC Controller: v2.1.1
  • APC: v3.2.0
  • SignalServer: v1.0.0
  • BCU: v2.2.1
Release 2.0, 12.Mar 2014


  • New product option: “Automatic Monitoring and Tasking”
  • New product option: “Automatic Frequency Coverage” (only if “Automatic Monitoring and Tasking” option is included).
  • New product option: “20 MHz Wideband Recording”
  • New product option: “20 MHz Wideband Classifier”
  • New product option : Support for scan/panorama spectrum in manual mode (only if “20 MHz Wideband Classifier” option is included)
  • Support for processing real-valued (none complex) WAV-files
  • New module for management of custom frequencies or frequency ranges
  • All recordings are stored in the system storage – no need to choose location in GUI
  • Negative search implemented in the Result Window (show * where X NOT LIKE Y)


  • Toolbar redesign
  • All applications except decoder.exe and receiver.exe are now 64-bit. 32-bit OS are no longer supported
  • Included is the latest Automatic Production Channel (APC, decoder.exe) component version, v3.2.0 (same as in v1.3)

New modems:

  • ALE-400
  • ALE-3G
Release 1.3, 13.Nov 2013


  • Updated to Automatic Production Channel (APC) Release 3.2.0
  • This release requires a new maw license file!


  • New: TETRA saves output in 4 separate WAV files (before all 4 channels in one file)
  • New Modem Lists, “HF_on_air” and “VHF-UHF_on_air” containing only frequently used modems
  • Classifier is started with <Views, Emissions>
  • New: Option Narrowband Receiver Control (NRC) added as signal input for processing channels (in parallel with existing Software-DDC channels)
  • Database for classification results, management of audio files, decoder results and recordings
  • New: ResultViewer GUI for the navigation through results.
  • New: modulation type supported in classifier: multichannel PSK (MC PSK)
  • New: A specific modem list can be defined to be used as modem list if modulation type could not be classified in “Classification+Recognition+Decoding” mode
  • New: A specific modem list can be defined to be used as modem list instead of “All modems”
  • Resources window added to the GUI to show the current status and resource usage of all components
  • New: Receiver supported: WiNRADiO G39DDC
  • New: DANA added to the product

New modems:

  • apco-25
  • gw_ofdm
  • NXDN

Renamed, modified or changed modems:

  • arq_e3_100bd_400hz
  • arq_e3_50bd_400hz
  • arq_e_cyc8_96bd_192hz
  • arq_m2_342_200bd_410hz
  • atis
  • baudot_2stopbit_75bd_500hz
  • baudot_async_50bd_170hz
  • baudot_universal_50bd_650hz
  • cis-12_psk2
  • codan3212_16channel_psk
  • dmr
  • dpmr
  • dtmf
  • dtmf_fm
  • flex
  • flex_1600bd_psk2a
  • md674
  • mobitex-1200
  • mobitex-8000
  • packet-1200
  • packet-1200_sub
  • packet-300
  • packet-9600
  • pactor
  • sitor-b_100bd_170hz
  • voice_a3e
  • voice_a3e_j3e
  • Voice_F3E_DTMF
  • voice_j3e_selcal_icao

Removed modems:

  • arq_e3_cyc8_50bd_400hz
  • codan3012_16channel_psk
  • flex_1600bd
  • md647 to PREMIUM DECODER
  • packet-300-4800
  • packet9600
  • voice_selcal_icao
Release 1.2, 13.Mai 2013

First release on sale

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