go2SIGNALS is an innovative line of products, designed to meet today's requirements in the field of radio monitoring, radio intelligence and signal analysis. The products are designed from a large team of experienced software engineers working for years in this business, giving you the guarantee of a continuous development and longtime support.

go2SIGNALS designed for:

Interception and Monitoring
National Intelligence
National Telecommunication Agencies
National Security Agencies
Federal Police
Drug Enforcement Agencies
Internal Affairs
Criminal Investigation Departments
Diplomatic Security
Defense Departments
Justice Departments
Law Enforcement
Immigration Agencies
Border Patrol
Ministries of Interior
Police Departments
Organized Crime Units
District Attorney’ and Prosecutors
Treasury Departments
Embassies and Consulates
Government Research Facilities
All branches of Military Organizations]


Radio Monitoring, the easy way. The new prime decoder!


go2MONITOR, an advanced concept for HF-VHF-UHF data protocol decoding. A smart solution with SDR control, multi channel signal detection, classification, recognition, recording, demodulation and decoding. Manual processing of relevant intercepted communication is too expensive, slow, insecure and incomplete. In this situation an automatic, flexible and extensible approach must be used, with reasonable scope and costs.

Decode and analyse signals, develop new decoders


go2DECODE, provides signal demodulation, detection, decoding, speech recognition, technical signal analysis and advanced decoder development tools. Use this software if you need a versatile decoder, if you need to analyze protocols and modulations or if you need to implement new protocols in your go2MONITOR solution.

Analyse bitstreams and code characteristics


go2ANALYSE is a user friendly and very powerful tool for the analysis of recorded bit streams. It offers a variety of statistical, mathematical and manipulative functions to determine the characteristics of the protocols. This is the tool you need, if you like to analyse or "hack" unknown codes.

go2SIGNALS side-by-side

Product Comparison
AF input soundcard DANA required +  
AF input files ++ +  
AF output + +  
Reciever IQ Streaming and control ++ +  
Automatic modem recognition and production + +  
Classifier up to 1 MHz
optional 20 MHz
Data import from go2DECODE go2MONITOR go2DECODE
other products
Define new or modify existing protocols (DDL)   +  
Run compiled DDL binaries + +  
Configuration of decoder lists ++ +  
Decoding channels (DDC's) 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / <200 1  
Demodulation and recording of analog signals
+ +  
Graphical data analysis   + ++
Graphical demodulator analysis   ++  
IF input DANA < 1 MHz <2 MHz
<10 MHz
(limited funct.)
IF Input stream < 1 MHz
optional 2.4/20 MHz
Live Voice + +  
Max. signal bandwidth (typ) 50 kHz, 300 kHz 300 kHz  
MIL/PMR decoders + +  
Multi-Wideband-Input 2 (on request)    
Recording bitstream (incl. quality of bits) + +  
NB-recording/playback (wav) + +  
WB-recording/playback (wav) up to 1 MHz
optional 20 MHz
Graphical display of frequency over time
Filtering of classifier and decoding results
Scripting +    
Standard decoders +    
MIL decoders (EUC outside Germany) + +  
PMR decoders (EUC outside EU) + +  
Option: Narrowband Receiver Control +    
Option: Automatic Monitoring and Tasking +    
Option: 20 MHz Wideband Classification & Input +    
Option: 20 MHz Wideband Recording +    
Option: Wideband Multi Production Channel 8 - 200 channels    

go2SIGNALS Input Output Types

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